The present conditions will govern the terms of the contractual relationship between the vehicle renter and ESSENTIAL CARS MARBELLA ALQUILER DE VEHÍCULOS, S.L. with C.I.F B93580710 and address in Estepona (Málaga), Rio Padrón Street 1, Laguna Village Center, Local 4.

Particular conditions of rental rate

1.- Drivers must be over 25 years old and have a valid driver’s license with at least 5 years old.
2.- The payment terms are:

  • Credit card and payment by transfer or deposit account.
  • The card must be in the name of the contract holder.

3.- The prices of our website include:

  • V.A, Local taxes and fees.
  • The number of Kilometers per day indicated in your reservation.
  • Compulsory car insurance according to current legislation, vehicle damage coverage (CDW) with franchise and vehicle occupant insurance. All rentals require a security deposit or guarantee. The amount of the deposit varies depending on the category of the rented vehicle.

4.- Cancellation conditions for prepaid reservations through the page:

  1. Reservations paid through the website may be canceled by email to or by calling 951 204 669, without any charge, during the 24 hours following the confirmation of reservation, unless contracted a non-refundable fee.
  2. In order to obtain the refund of the prepaid amount, the client will receive an electronic confirmation email and in less than 24 hours he / she will be able to verify that the refund of the money has been made correctly.
  3. No refund of the prepaid amount will be made if the reservation is canceled after 24 hours from the date of reservation confirmation, proceeding to the billing of 100% of the reservation.
  4. Neither will the refund of the prepaid amount be made if the client does not show up at our office to collect the vehicle, if the client has reserved a non-refundable rate or if he does not meet any of the requirements of sections 1 and 2 of these conditions.
  5. In case of non-return of the reservation. The client will have 6 months to return to make the prepaid reservation and thus not lose the amount of this.
  6. All of the above is not applicable if the reservation has a non-refundable prepaid rate.
    If the reservation has a non-refundable prepaid rate, it will be identified as such.
    In all these cases in which the refund does not correspond, the amount charged (taxes, fees and other expenses included) will be fully withheld as compensation.
  7. The amount to be consigned by the client as a reservation will be 50% of the requested rental budget.

General rental conditions.

Authorized drivers
The rental of the vehicle is made solely and exclusively in favor of the person who appears as a tenant in the contract.

The lessee is, in any case, legally responsible for the rented vehicle and in no way does this grant him / her the power to lend the vehicle without the express written authorization and knowledge of ESSENTIAL CARS ALQUILER DE VEHICULOS S.L.

Utilization and Maintenance (State) of the Vehicle

The lessee recognizes that he receives the vehicle in perfect mechanical conditions and with the appropriate tools, tires and accessories and undertakes to keep it in good condition.
Likewise, it undertakes not to use the Vehicle and / or not to let it be used in the following cases:
Transport flammable, radioactive, harmful or otherwise dangerous materials. As well as the transport of merchandise in weight, quantity and / or volume superior to the one authorized in the Circulation Permit and / or the Technical Inspection Card of the Vehicle.
Transport of passengers in a number higher than that authorized and indicated in the Circulation Permit and / or the Technical Inspection Card of the Vehicle Transport of live animals (with the exception of pets and / or companion animals, with authorization from the Landlord).
Lease it, lend it, cede it in definite not to allow that they lead other people more than the tenant or those that expressly are authorized in the contract. In the same way, it is forbidden to the Tenant to assign, rent, mortgage, sell or in any way give in guarantee: the Vehicle, the rental agreement, the keys, the documentation, the equipment, the tools and / or accessories of the Vehicle and / or any part or piece thereof; or treat the foregoing in a manner that causes damage to the Landlord.

Transportation with or without consideration.

Driving the vehicle in inferiority of physical conditions motivated by alcohol, drugs, fatigue or illness.
Use it to push or tow other vehicles. Trailers and more other object

Participate with the vehicle in races or other sports events of any kind for endurance events.
Travel beyond national borders without prior express and written consent of Essential Cars Marbella Alquiler de vehículos S.L.
Traveling outside the bottle, national road, that is, not suitable, being expressly excluded from the insurance coverage of the damage to the vehicle or mechanical components that are damaged as a result of bad driving.

Transport the Vehicle on board any type of boat, truck or plane (unless expressly authorized in writing by the Lessor).

Use of the vehicle inside the enclosures of ports, airports, aerodromes and / or similar or similar ones not accessible to public traffic, unless expressly authorized in writing by the lessor
Repair the vehicle in workshops that do not belong to the network designated by Essential Cars Marbella Alquiler de vehículos S.L .
Leaving the vehicle improperly parked and without custody when it is not being used. In addition, the tenant is obliged to:

Stop the vehicle before it is possible, when it is illuminated, that the operation of the vehicle or when it perceives signs that are related to the lessor or with the Assistance Company on the road agreed by the lessor.
Keep the vehicle closed when not in use and keep the documents inside it.


The lessee agrees to pay the Lessor:
The price of the rent that will be the what, according to the vehicle and the current rates correspond in each moment. In addition deposit a deposit that will be paid at the end of the contract provided that the car is returned under the same conditions and with the same accessories with which it was delivered.
The charges that correspond by relief to the lessee of total or partial liability for damage caused to the vehicle resulting from collision or theft or robbery, for additional charge of Personal Injury Insurance (PAI) and theft of personal effects and any other additional charges that stipulate.
Expenses incurred by the lessor, in the claim of amounts owed under this contract.
The amount of all kinds of fines, legal and extrajudicial expenses, derived from infractions to the Road Safety Law, that are directed against the vehicle, the lessee or lessor, during the period of validity of the contract, unless it had originated because of the lessor.
The costs of repair of damages caused by collision, overturning or failure of said vehicle, or damages to the lessor for theft or theft, The amount or difference of value of any spare wheel, tire, tool, hood, or radio equipment, key, that at the end of the contract the vehicle is missing, expressly clarifying that any fault or substitution is not covered by any insurance policy, being the lessee responsible for it. Likewise, the loss or breakage of the key and loss of documentation will have the corresponding charges to the damages and losses caused to the lessor.


The amounts corresponding to the fuel.
The expenses of transfer and repair of the vehicle motivated by the use of inadequate fuel.
All taxes of any nature that tax the services rendered.
The penalty corresponding to the non-realization, in case of accident, of the part of friendly declaration of accident, or part of loss. It will also occur in the event of theft of the vehicle and without there having been the presentation of the corresponding complaint to the competent authority.
Maintenance, Repairs and Assistance If the vehicle is immobilized due to mechanical breakdown, the lessee must contact the lessor or the Road Assistance Company agreed by the Lessor and only with the latter, so that the latter arranges the appropriate. No repairs will be made without prior authorization from the landlord. Only charges for the account of the said Assistance Company will be accepted in cases of urgency and when the Landlord has expressly authorized them and upon presentation of the detailed invoice of the reparation carried out.

The lessor, provided that he takes the necessary precautions and performs everything necessary to prevent the possibility of failure, will not be responsible for the mechanical failures of the vehicle due to normal deterioration thereof, nor responsible for expenses and damages in any way produced as a result of such failures or breakdowns. The lessee must pay the settlement until the moment of the damage. On the other hand, the lessee will be responsible for the corresponding charges for damage or deterioration due to improper or negligent use, as well as for the breach of any of the terms of general conditions, with the insurances and coverages contracted without effect. Likewise, you must pay the total of the settlement for the agreed rental time in this contract.

The lessee must periodically check, and replace if necessary, the levels of motor fluids every 1000 km traveled, deducting the amount paid for it from the final rental price provided that the tenant submits the corresponding invoice


Car Accident/ Insurance Accident

The lessee undertakes to inform the landlord immediately of any accident and to provide full cooperation with both the landlord and the insurance company in defense of any claim and process.
The tenant at the time of the accident will take the following measures:
Not to recognize or prejudge the responsibility of the fact except the one of friendly declaration of accident.
Obtain complete information from the other party, make the friendly declaration of accident or accident, witnesses that together with the details of the accident (form, place, time, etc …) will send urgently to the landlord, notifying the case of serious accident by telephone.
Immediately notify the authorities if there is culpability of the opposing party.
not abandoning said vehicle without taking the appropriate measures to protect it and safeguard it.
In case of breach by the lessee of any of these measures, the lessor may claim damages from the lessee due to negligence of the lessee, even if he had accepted the purchase of the accident insurance of the vehicle which in that case will remain without effect. Also in the case of accident at fault of the lessor, will be on account of this the crane and travel, and if you want another vehicle must formalize new contract, without payment (both for refund and compensation) fuel or days that Remain of the previous one.

In any case, the client must send in writing to Essential Cars Marbella Alquiler de vehículos S.L in a period not exceeding 48 hours a detailed report of the incident which must include at least the complete personal data of the drivers involved in the accident, as well as any eventual witnesses, the license plates of the vehicles involved, the insurance company corresponding to the opposite vehicle and the policy number, as well as the circumstances, place, date and time of the accident.


Service Return

The lessee will return the rented vehicle at the place and date stipulated in this contract and commit to keep the vehicle, its equipment and its tools in perfect working order.

In case of delay in delivery the customer must pay 200€ / hour or fraction. The return of the vehicle in a place different from the initially agreed one may imply additional charges in accordance with the General Tariff Valid. Only the finished service is considered when the vehicle and the keys have been received by the lessor.

The fuel consumed during the term of this contract will be paid by the lessee, the lessee must refuel the vehicle with the right type of fuel for it. The lessee undertakes to return the vehicle with the same fuel level. Otherwise, the missing one will be charged plus an additional charge of 25€ for the refueling service.

For vehicles returned excessively dirty (especially with food stains or with animal hair) we reserve the right to charge a cleaning fee (maximum 150.00 Euros).

For damages caused by negligence (eg for the wrong type of fuel, for theft facilitated by leaving the car keys in the vehicle, for leaving the lights on, for cigarette burns) we reserve the right to charge the cost incurred to the client.


Administrative sanctions

Fines and other penalties that for any reason may fall on the vehicle or its driver at any time during the lease period, will be, in any case, at the sole expense of the customer.

Personal data 

In compliance with the provisions of the Organic Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and its development regulations, Essential Cars Vehicle Rental S.L. informs you that the personal data provided through this rental contract, will be incorporated into a file, in order to perform the maintenance and management of the contractual relationship with the user, as well as the work of information and marketing of the car rental service, also granting the express consent for the sending of commercial communications electronically in the strict terms set out in these legal conditions.
The lessee must complete all the fields of the enclosed contract with accurate and updated information except for those that by indication or nature are optional. If the necessary information is not provided, Essential Cars Marbella Alquiler de vehículos S.L will be entitled to reject the rental request.
The client has the right of access, rectification, opposition and, if applicable, cancellation by means of a written request addressed to Essential Cars Vehicle Rental S.L. , through the E-mail:, or personally in our office.



Any litigious issue derived from these General Conditions will be resolved by the Courts and Tribunals of the place where the obligation is fulfilled.