From Model Cars Marbella we offer our customers a highly qualified sales team, where our main premise is a customized, serious and honest service for the client.

Our sales service is:

  • Insurance: You do not receive annoying calls and you do not expose yourself to receiving people you do not know. We do everything for you.
  • Cash: We sell at the right price according to the current market and we use tools to give you the greatest exposure to the sale.
  • Comfortable: We manage everything while you enjoy your time and continue to drive your vehicle until the effective day of sale through our smart sales system; or by depositing the car in our hotel through our standard sales system, completely disregarding the maintenance and care of your vehicle until the effective moment of the sale; we do everything for you


Why does the Model Cars Marbella system works?

  • Professionality: We make a complete evaluation of the optimal price to sell with your respective comparative market analysis and prepare your car so that it looks like a semi-new real.
  • Greater Diffusion: We publish on specialized sites, carry out segmented mailing campaigns and use our networks to achieve maximum dissemination. We act as the distributor of your car, arriving in this way to a large number of car dealerships at national and international level as well as the commercialization through the main portals.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: Your assigned commercial is always available to the phone, mail and in person to any contact capturing any opportunity.
  • Transparency: All process is carried by a commercial at your charge and the documentation is certified before our legal department ensuring a successful transaction.
  • Effective: Do not leave money on the street giving your vehicle as part of payment. Our system also promotes sales by being able to offer financing advice with the main financial entities to potential buyers.


Model Cars Marbella is responsible for aligning the main pillars to ensure a successful sale!

For more information and conditions of sale consult with our sales team.